Winery and Vineyard Valderiz

Our history

Over 30 years of love for the land is what makes Valderiz great.

The pleasant harmony between our family who are always together, translates into a range of high quality wine.

Juan is responsible for the vineyard and national commercialization of our wines; Ricardo takes care of the wine making process and international sales; whereas Esther is the head of our quality department; all of them always supported by their parents, Inmaculada Cristóbal and Tomás Esteban.

Inmaculada Cristóbal and Tomás Esteban.

The family

Humility, modesty and down to earth

Responsible of the vineyard and national sales

Wine making process and international sales

Quality department

Our history

Bodegas & Viñedos Valderiz


Juan and Ricardo cut their teeth on the land. More distinctively, with their father, Tomás Esteban, and grandfather’s vines, located in the village of Roa (Burgos), heart of the Designation of Origin of Duero.


Valderiz Winery and Vineyard began as any other great vineyard project with special care in the vineyard itself. In 1980, Tomás Esteban decided to continue with his family tradition and dedicated his life to wine making.


At the beginning, the Esteban Cristóbal family produced grapes for other wineries, but in 1997, aware of their excellent prime material, they decided to devote themselves to the wine making process.

is born

At that time, viniculture took a sharp turn: The yield per hectare considerably decreased in order to produce grapes of the highest quality.